How agents gain a competitive edge with flatfair

We have come a long way since starting out in 2016. We have partnered with more than 600 agents, helping to save tenants £36.1 million on their upfront costs and protect landlords for £73.5 million against damages and/or rent arrears.

These figures continue to rapidly grow, as more agents are discovering that our unique benefits and amazing team helps them to stand out in the lettings industry.

An obvious choice for landlords

There is no bad time to attract and retain landlords, and our agent partners do so by offering market-leading protection of up to 10 weeks for damages and/or rent arrears. Louise Passfield, Operations Manager at Breckon & Breckon, said the choice is simple when comparing our protection levels to a traditional deposit:

“As a landlord, what would you take, 5 weeks or 10 weeks protection?”

Supporting tenants through the cost of living crisis

One of the main concerns for renters is the ongoing cost of living crisis, which has increased rent prices, and as a result, deposits. However, agents offering flatfair No Deposit offer their tenants the choice of significantly lower upfront move-in costs of just one week’s rent (+VAT). Saving them some much needed cash throughout their tenancy, for when they need it most.

Advanced, easy to use technology

We also help agents to achieve a competitive advantage by saving them and their customers lots of time with our advanced tech platform. Our product team is constantly making the journey easier for our partners to navigate. Which means they aren’t spending unnecessary amounts of time on admin, and can instead be bringing on new properties and winning more business.

Sophie Nash, Property Manager at haart was thrilled with the simplicity of our high tech platform:

Agent Testimonials Sophie Quote

Our platform also benefits agents and their customers at the end of tenancy. In the rare instance when a claim is needed, agents or landlords can transparently raise and negotiate charges with their tenants. And once charges are agreed, our unique payment technology puts landlords back in pocket within 10 days and often sooner.

A helping hand from the #flatfam

At flatfair, our unique benefits go hand in hand with excellent customer support. Our team has a wealth of knowledge in the industry and are always on hand to help agents with matters big or small.

Our Customer Support team proudly boasts a satisfaction rating of 96%, with an average wait time of 65 seconds on our live chat. Chloe Fair, Lettings Negotiator at HouseShaw was not only thrilled with our rental solutions, but the excellent support she received too:

Agent Testimonials Chloe Quote

Are you looking to stand out in the lettings industry by offering our fantastic benefits to your customers? Get in touch today so our team can tell you more about our innovative deposit solutions.