The flatfair flatshare

With rents continuously on the rise, flat-sharing is still as popular as it’s ever been. We all love a good episode of Friends so why not bring Joey, Ross, Rachel and the gang to life while keeping some extra cash in your pocket! Rebel against expensive upfront deposits and slash your moving costs by renting deposit-free with your flatmates, courtesy of flatfair. Unsure of how flatfair works when you’re flatsharing? Fear not, we’ve answered all those burning questions that will leave you wondering why you didn’t use us sooner!

How can we join flatfair?

Your letting agent will provide each tenant in the flatshare with their own flatfair registration link for your new home. From there, simply sign up and pay your one-off membership charge before moving into your brand new digs with some extra cash to spare!

How much will flatfair cost us?

Your membership will cost one week’s worth of rent (exc. VAT) which is split between you and your housemates – so it works out a lot cheaper, especially if you’re still waiting on your old deposit!

What if we have already moved in?

No problem! You can still become flatfair members at any time and still get your original tenancy deposit back.

Can I still join flatfair if my housemates want to use a traditional deposit?

Not at the moment. All housemates renting the same accommodation will either need to become members of flatfair or pay a traditional deposit.

Will flatfair reward us for being good tenants?

If saving a small fortune wasn’t enough, you and your housemates can earn rewards and discounts if you take care of your home and pay your rent on time. This helps you build up your flatscore so you can stand out on future rental applications and unlock special discounts.

What happens if a housemate moves out and someone new moves in?

Your letting agent or landlord will simply add the new tenant as a flatfair member – you don’t have to lift a finger or pay a thing.

I love my housemates but they’re clumsy, what happens if we accidentally break something?

Accidents happen, so we have a ‘pay when you leave’ policy that allows you to cover the cost of any damages at the end of your tenancy. On our online portal, you can see any claims at the end of your tenancy which you can counter with your own evidence and appropriate costs.

Do we all have to cover the cost if one of my housemates damages the property?

Like with a traditional cash deposit, you and your housemates are all responsible for any damages to the property – so you’ll have to come to a mutual agreement to ensure all costs are covered. A good way to avoid any unexpected surprises at the end of your tenancy is to agree up-front how you will split the cost of claims between you if anything happens.

Okay. You’re sold! Where can you sign up? Check out our tenant page to see how you can get the ball rolling.