Save time and increase security with our Goodlord integration

Are you an existing Goodlord customer? Did you know that by connecting your flatfair and Goodlord account you can create your No Deposit plans at lightning speed?

How does it work?

  1. Activate our Goodlord integration by requesting an API key from your flatfair account manager, who will liaise with your Goodlord account manager to get all the technical bits set up.
  2. Once you are all set up, simply select a flatfair tenancy, under the tenancy type on the Goodlord portal and continue as normal.
  3. Once referencing is completed, Goodlord then provides the referencing results to our Customer Support team who check all of the details, alongside the flatfair requirements. If everything looks good, the plan will be verified and sent to the tenant(s) for payment.

And voila! Your plan is created, all ready for the tenants’ move-in date.

What are the benefits?

Lots of our agents are already utilising the integration with Goodlord, including Martyn Gerrard, Michael Poole, Nock Deighton plus many more, and here’s why…

The main pull for agents is largely due to the fact that it significantly reduces the time taken to create a new tenancy with a No Deposit plan. The time saved can then be used to win more business and increase revenue opportunities.

Although it’s a simple process, we know how important it is to look after your landlord’s investment, which is why Goodlords excellent referencing also meets our flatfair requirements. All the correct documents are collected too, so you can rest assured knowing that your tenants will be fully referenced before moving into your properties.

Speedy renting for tenants.

Goodlord and flatfair’s Customer Support teams specialise in the referencing process and the creation of No Deposit plans, if everything looks good, we aim to ensure tenants can move in the same day that they’ve signed up to flatfair.

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If you would like a refresher on the simplicity of using our Goodlord integration or want to embed it into your own lettings process, then contact to start shaving some valuable time off your workload.