Step on to the property ladder at The Marches

flatfair’s partner Native Residential have recently opened the doors to a new landmark 429-unit built-to-rent scheme in the heart of Woking, The Marches. This is flatfair’s first extension into the area and forms part of a wider £700 million development of the town centre, promising an exciting future for Woking and its residents.

Inside The Marches

There is a long list of exciting amenities on offer for their tenants, which include full concierge facilities, external garden, co-working spaces and residents’ lounges to kick your feet up after a hard day.

The amenities don’t end there…

flatfair’s No Deposit solution adds to the long list of amenities at the Marches, with tenants able to move into their property for a small fee, equivalent to one week’s rent plus VAT, instead of a sizeable traditional deposit.

Any costs that are incurred during the tenancy are fairly settled when tenants move out and are facilitated in flatfair’s easy to use technology.

Earn Your Deposit and get saving

Replacing large upfront costs means that their residents can immediately start saving towards a deposit for their own house. flatfair’s solution works in combination with The Marches’ ‘Earn Your Deposit’ scheme too – the first in the UK to offer such a benefit. Their scheme works by paying residents an annual sum that tenants can release when they’re ready to buy a home, helping first-time-buyers to get on the housing ladder.

Dheraen Quick of Native Residential, said that: “Partnering with flatfair at The Marches fits well with our existing Earn Your Deposit scheme, making it pain-free to save for a first home. By removing the upfront cost of a tenancy deposit, and by saving an additional annual sum for our residents through Earn Your Deposit, getting on the first rung of the housing ladder is no longer a tall order.”

With the odds being forever stacked against tenants being able to save for their first home, we are extremely proud to offer our deposit alternative and work with The Marches who are also striving to bring renting into the 21st century.